Small town wonders

//Small town wonders

This week I was reminded of what a wonderful place Milford is to live and nurture our children. You see, at the last minute (almost literally), I was still desperately in need of a bird cage for the Kids’ Tuesday: Painting Fun class at Mispillion Art League and Gallery.

I put out a call on thefacebook and within five minutes, my pal April Allyson Abel hooked me up with Joseph Phillips and Jan Broulik at Causey Mansion Bed and Breakfast. They loaned me a cage without hesitation! How nice is it to live in a small town?!?!?

But then it gets really freaky: This lesson is part of a series on artwork from the National Museum of Women in the Arts in Washingiton, D.C. In the lesson that day, the kids were to paint a still life recreated from Berthe Morisot’s 1885 painting “The Cage.” Totally by happenstance, Joe and Jan’s loaner cage is almost identical to the cage in the Berthe Morisot painting . . . right down to the little ceramic water bowls hanging inside!

Then I went across the street to Milford Antiques & Friends, and Sharon and Maggie loaned me some little birds and a flower dish and (as Berthe Morisot would say) Voila! An amazing likeness! The kids did a remarkable job painting the recreated still life and they had a great time as you can see in the photos. It couldn’t have happened without the loan of the cage and flower dish . . . and the wonderful people who help make Milford such a nice place to live!


The original Berthe Morisot version vs. the Milford stand-in

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