Renew your MAL membership

//Renew your MAL membership


Mispillion Art League is now in its twelfth year. It had no home back then and conducted its few events in the meeting room of the Milford Library. Storage of its supplies were  maintained in space located on Washington Street, owned by arts supporter Ed Steiner. We’ve come a long way from those days. Membership then was about 150, and many were honorary as the League found its place in the community.

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Since then, we’ve moved twice. Our first move was to a small location on NW Front Street, and then to the Gallery on Walnut Street. The building, before its present use as an Arts Center, was an eyesore with a gaping hole where the floor should be.

Ten years ago, the Art League conducted just five classes. This year 136 are planned. Thirty artists participated then; now there are 140.  Our original membership has since doubled, averaging 300. Members then came largely from Milford and close in surrounding areas. Today, members come from 27 zip codes.

Turnover affects many non-profit organizations and in particular art organizations. We have learned from many new members from out of the area who have been members in their previous home. As a result, we have tried a number of ideas to keep our members year after year. Many simply forget to renew their membership, and some move away or become engaged in other activities.

We are funded by our various programs – in particular education, exhibits and fundraising. Membership dues also represent a significant portion of income. We also rely on several grants and sponsorships. These are generally given to successful growing organizations.

This year in an effort to maintain our present members, we will be sending out individual invoices reminding each member that renewal time is coming at the end of our fiscal year, June 30.  Help us continue to provide all of our programs and outreach to our growing community. Become a member of MAL today!

Contributed by Walt Hepford

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