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3 11, 2016

Finding art – and beauty – in politics

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Contributed by Mike Fleishman. It’s election time! Do I have to draw you a picture as to what’s in store for America? Well, that’s what political art is all about! Political art takes on many forms. [...]

2 10, 2016

Revisiting “Rosedale Revisited”

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Fundraising is vital to continuing the wonderful outreach programs of the Mispillion Art League, programs such as Third Thursdays and workshops for the Stevenson House Detention Center for Youth and People’s Place Women’s Shelter (to [...]

29 08, 2016

Don Blakey remembers Rosedale

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Don Blakey was a Delaware State College student in 1954 when he experienced Rosedale for the first time. He and college friends were busing tables at the beach and couldn't make their way back to [...]

21 07, 2016

History and the arts: Rosedale revisited

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What does this historical beach resort, frequented by African Americans from the 1930’s until the 1970’s, have to do with the arts? No longer standing, the Rosedale Beach Hotel showcased the music of the great [...]