Working with creative hearts

//Working with creative hearts

When Mispillion Art League president, Judy Struck, went down to Millsboro to observe the Creative HeARTs group at the Salvation Army, Developmental Disabilities Program (SADDP), she was so impressed by their eagerness to enjoy the visual arts that she knew this group would be a great candidate for MAL’s outreach initiatives. She immediately spoke to her SADDP contact, Barbara Buford, and started the wheels in motion.


Enjoying her creation

Thanks to the generous support of the Milford Lions Club, the Mispillion Art League was able to offer scholarship funds to support a Creative HeARTs program right at the Mispillion Art League Gallery. This group meets at the gallery once a month and completes an art project led by one of the MAL artists. September 25th was my turn!

The group arrived, smiling and enthusiastic and ready to go. There was Dianne, Marvin, Gary, Kim, and Samatha (known to her group as Sammy but she told me to call her Samantha). Right away, I knew these folks meant business as they put on their smocks without prompting. I had been to one of Creative HeARTs annual art shows at the Millsboro Art League so I knew they would like a challenge. I decided we would talk for a few minutes about my favorite artist, Monet, and look at some slides of his famous water lily paintings. Then I guided them through the process of “watercolor resist” as they completed their very own masterpieces.

As we painted we chatted about things like Dianne’s dog, and Kim’s Mom. Even though we all worked together, step-by-step, what impressed me was how different each painting was. Each artist has their own style, their own voice, and all the paintings were wonderful. Now I’m looking forward to my next turn to work with Creative HeARTs, and perhaps Samantha will let me call her Sammy!

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